The People Conquer The Media

Royal van Gorcum / Palgrave Macmillan - 2004

In the Netherlands at the end of the twentieth century the question was considered to be urgent: what was the history of the Dutch culture in a European perspective? And what was left of it in our globalising world? A volume Accounting for the Past: 1650-2000, with many contributors, was the result in 2001 (English translation 2004, Chinese translation 2007). In the chapter The People Conquer The Media I describe the growing sense of failure of the post war European (and Dutch) political and cultural elites in dissemination high art through the new media like television. ‘The people’ emancipated themselves along different lines of tastes. The European internal market and the fall of the Wall in Berlin meant liberalisation of culture. But this didn’t result in an Americanized McWord but rather a renaissance of the local, the regional and the national in the fields of media and culture. The main characteristic of our times is ambiguity.

Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press – 2005

The Chinese translation (2007) of The People Conquer the Media.

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