Een nationaal project dat mijn medewerkers Max Kemman, Martijn Kleppe en ik leiden is een Clarin-project, getiteld: Polimedia. Dit project, samen met de TU Delft, de KB en Beeld & Geluid, wil koppelingen leggen tussen de Handelingen van de Tweede Kamer, de kranten, radiobulletins en tv-programma’s. Hieronder volgt een korte uitleg over het project.

Voor meer info: zie www.polimedia.nlAnalysing media coverage across several types of media-outlets is a challenging task for (media) historians. Up until now, the focus has been on newspaper articles: being generally available in digital, computer-readable format, these can be studied relatively easily. Cross-media comparisons between different types of media-outlets have however rarely been undertaken, even though such comparisons have top priority on the wish-list of (media) historians as this could give better insight into the choices that different media-outlets make. A specific example of media coverage research investigates the coverage of political debates and how the representation of topics and people change over time. The PoliMedia project aims to showcase the potential of cross-media analysis for research in the humanities, by (i) curating automatically detected semantic links between four data sets of different media types, and (ii) developing a demonstrator application that allows researchers to deploy such an interlinked collection for quantitative and qualitative analysis of media coverage of debates in the Dutch parliament.

The team:
Prof. Dr. Henri Beunders (project leader), Max Kemman MSc, Martijn Kleppe MA, Jill Briggeman MA.